About This Blog and Me

2017.10.24 2021.1.17

I'm AikiDoko.
In this post, I will introduce the purpose of this blog and about myself.
Aikidoko 合気道子

The Purpose of this blog

The ultimate aim of this blog is to ignite a global Aikido boom.
As a first step, I want everyone to know that Aikido exists in this world.

Aikido is not commonly known.
I feel so frustrated about this.

Aikido is fun and awesome.
It is perfect for training one's physical and mental strength.

However, there is almost no opportunity to prove this objectively.

Aikido practitioners do not participate in MMA or other public tournaments.
All Aikido demonstrations are performed by people within the same school, arousing suspicion of fake or set-up.

Moreover, most Aikido teachers are too humble to show off their abilities.

Rather than bragging about themselves, they tell you how great the founder of the school was.
It's been decades since he has passed away... who cares about someone you just heard about and would never be able to meet ?

Or they might preach the philosophy of Aikido.
This complicated philosophy doesn't make any sense at first.
I do respect the modest attitudes of Aikido teachers.
But at the same time, I feel that they should speak up more.

These days, so much information runs around the globe, overwhelming people.
If Aikido does not actively promote itself, there is almost no possibility of being known.

If it is difficult for the teachers, students might be able to do so.

As a long-term Aikido enthusiast, I will boast about its charms.
And I plan to make it fun and easy as much as possible.
I want more people to be interested in it.

My Aikido history

I first started practicing decades ago.
I have been a longtime Aikido fan ever since.

around 1989        Joined Aikikai dojo in Tokyo, Japan
1989~1991          5th kyu → 4th kyu → 3rd kyu
1992 (Mar. 3rd)    Became 2nd kyu
1992 (Winter)      Quit dojo

A blank period of a quarter of a century

2017 (Aug. 6th)    Joined A.K.I. dojo in Kanagawa, Japan
2019 (Mar. 24th)   Became 1st kyu
2020 (Nov. 10th)   Became 1st dan

And now, I continue training 2 to 3 days a week in three dojos.

I started Aikido during my undergraduate education.
I just hopped in there because it was the only martial arts dojo in the neighborhood.

It turned out perfect for me.
I loved the teacher, the students, and most of all, Aikido itself.

When I started working, I was unable to take time to go to the dojo.
But I have always wanted to practice again.

After a long blank period of a quarter of a century, I joined a new dojo and resumed Aikido.
And I enjoy practicing more than ever.

About my pen name

My pen name is AikiDoko.
In Japanese, it is written 合気道子.

The kanji for Aikido is 合気道.

Many traditional female names end with 子.
You can see them in the names of the Japanese Imperial Family members : Empress Masako (雅子), Princess Aiko (愛子), and so on.

The leader of Aikikai, the mainstream school of Aikido, is called Doshu (道主).
道 means the way (of art).
主 means master.

Doshu is ”the Master of the Way (of Aikido)”.

On the other hand, 子 means child.
So, 合気道子 means the child of Aikido, who respects Doshu and follows his teachings.
I think this is a perfect pen name for an Aikido freak like me.